Learn from over 45 experts in making money from home/online. Caitlin Pyle is running a FREE Work-at-Home Summit starting on Jan 29th, 2018. 6 days of massive value for anyone who wishes they could make a living from home.

Learn From the Experts for Free: Work-at-Home Summit!

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UPDATE (Feb 3rd, 2018): The free Work-at-Home Summit is now closed. However, you can still check out the different packages Work-at-Home School offers. Most of the speakers in the free summit are also instructors with WAHSchool. The different packages match different stages in your work-at-home journey so that beginners and advanced can learn and make the most out of their learning.

Here’s the link to the curriculum packages: https://www.e-riches.club/WAHSchool


Great News: There’s an expert-based event happening in less than two weeks from now, and it is completely free! If working online from the comfort of your home (or your local bistro) is something that you’ve been daydreaming about, then you have no more excuses – register free here!


In the digital world, high-value stuff just doesn’t come by for free that often. It’s usually locked behind a sales page of some kind. I mean, there’s a reason for that – high-quality content takes a lot of work, plus people need to pay bills. It’s just how it is.


But, once in a while, you come across a freebie that makes you wonder if the person made a mistake sending it out for free. For real, I follow some pretty remarkable online entrepreneurs who sometimes send me pretty good stuff. So good, I sometimes question their sanity.


So, you can imagine my face when Caitlin Pyle sends me an e-mail saying she’s running a major 6-day summit with 45+ trusted online experts for free! Yes, you got it right, it’s completely FREE!


Reading the e-mail already my eyebrows raise, then, I click through to the summit program and I go ‘What???!!!’


It turns out, Caitlin decided to invite the most trusted and successful online entrepreneurs (think bloggers, writers, freelancers, virtual assistants, etc.) and have them share their knowledge with people. But what impressed me, even more, is that the content goes from beginner on the first day, to intermediate, to advanced as the summit evolves. Meaning, that whether you’re just starting out or already have some online work experience, you’ll learn something from this summit.


Sounds crazy right? Well, I signed up right away because even though I’ve already started something, I saw some very interesting titles that I definitely want to check out!


Take a look at the program and see for yourself. (Don’t have time to check it out now? Pin it for later)


Learn from over 45 experts in making money from home/online. Caitlin Pyle is running a FREE Work-at-Home Summit starting on Jan 29th, 2018. 6 days of massive value for anyone who wishes they could make a living from home.


I had to share this with you, because I think that with the quality of the content there and the vast array of experts and fields covered, everyone is bound to learn something that, with action, will yield great results!


Free Work-At-Home Summit


Anyways, the Work-at-home Summit starts Monday, January 29th, 2018 and run until February 2nd, 2018. I believe you can either watch it live or watch the recorded sessions, so you don’t have to pass up on the opportunity just because you’ve already booked something. No excuses now!


So, what exactly will you get from the summit? Here’s a brief breakdown of what we will learn at the summit (yes, because I’m checking it out too):


  • How to land your first work-at-home client;

  • How to transition from your 9-5 routine so that you can quit your job (if you want to);

  • How to figure out what to charge your clients;

  • How to get paid for your work online and how to collect your payments;

  • Easy ways to handle taxes and health insurance as a self-employed person;

  • How to become known as the go-to expert in your field, regardless of what it is.


And that’s just the general ideas of the summit. There are also sessions that I, personally, will be paying close attention to, like…


  • Working at home with your partner (with Ann Visser)

  • Building confidence (with Eileen Wilder)

  • How to find, budget for, and pursue work-at-home jobs (with Rosemarie Groner)

  • Helping mothers build their businesses (with Theresa Ceniccola & Kelly Garrett)

  • Advanced virtual assisting (with Julie Stoian)

  • Pinterest advertising (with Kate Ahl) – You know I’m obsessed with Pinterest.


Oh, but Caitlin didn’t stop at that though… when you sign up for the free summit, you also get a free download of her e-book – Work-at-home Truth Bombs!


I got mine already, and I’m enjoying her refreshing honesty about making a living online. That’s a quality that is lacking in this industry, in my opinion.


You know what’s important though? Is that all that information you’ll get free can be put into action right away and get you results! Don’t just hoard information, take action because then you can…


  • Get out of debt

  • Save for your child’s college fund, if you have children.

  • Finally go on a family vacation!

  • Or even… replace your full-time income and quit your job


I know that’s what I’ll be doing for sure!


Learn from over 45 experts in making money from home/online. Caitlin Pyle is running a FREE Work-at-Home Summit starting on Jan 29th, 2018. 6 days of massive value for anyone who wishes they could make a living from home.


But, I’m silly. I left a very important part for last…


Who the heck is Caitlin Pyle?


Caitlin has a booming business that she started from home. She’s been featured in multiple news publications, like Fox, Fast Company, Forbes, and the New York Post, as a work-from-home expert. But it wasn’t always that way…


Caitlin had great intentions of paying off the debt from her wedding and her career when she landed a “stable” job. But then, the unexpected happened: In August 2011, her 3 bosses called her in…to fire her!


Unfortunately, “stable” jobs are a bit of a myth nowadays because you never really know when you might get fired. I mean, you can be a good, hard-working employee but for reasons you can’t foresee – new management, economic crises like the one in 2008, etc. – you can be out of a job overnight.


And like Caitlin, you might never see it coming.


I can relate to that too. I’ve had my fair share of employment disappointments. Some it was the work environment killing me slowly, others, it was the misfortune of the employers not having the funds to keep me. (I’m a research assistant, it happens more than I care to admit)


But instead hitting her head against the door looking for yet another meager job, Caitlin built on her skills and took the right actions, turning her side hustle as a proofreader into her primary income!


It kinda went beyond that — her proofreading side hustle grew into a multimillion-dollar media company she runs from home with the help of 25+ virtual team members.


That business now generates $200,000+ per month!!


And that’s Caitlin, guys! A regular person like you and me, who had a regular job and was fired like anyone else. She’s no special unicorn, but she built on what she had and turned it into something amazing!


Caitlin’s story is inspiring, but like she often says, the key is in understanding the need to develop valuable skills that are independent of any one particular job. Job-independent skills that can be used to help others has never been more important than now.


So, get the free ticket to the summit and get ready to make a change in your life!


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